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Photos from Edward Thomas celebration concert at Bedales with Three Cane Whale

Here are a few shots from the show we did last weekend with Three Cane Whale at Bedales School.

It was a music celebration of Edward Thomas held the night before the annual Edward Thomas symposium. His great and great great grand daughters came along which was amazing.

You can hear some of the tracks we played here –

Edward Thomas Symposium concert with Three Cane Whale at Bedales

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8pm, Saturday 15th November 2014 at the Lupton Hall, Bedales School in Hampshire.

‘Pedal Folk’ And ‘Three Cane Whale’ present a musical celebration of Edward Thomas’s work and life during the annual Edward Thomas Symposium.


This April ‘Pedal Folk’ loaded up their bicycles with two guitars and a violin and undertook a musical recreation of the 1913 London to Somerset cycle journey made by Edward Thomas in his book ‘In Pursuit Of Spring’.

Their performances include original songs crafted using Thomas’s words and imagery, readings from ‘In Pursuit Of Spring’ and songs and tunes mentioned and loved by Thomas and/or collected in areas he passed through.

‘What an incredible evening. Edward Thomas would have loved it!’ (Emma Craigie – Chair of the Wells Literature Festival)


Fans of ‘Three Cane Whale’ who have poured over their sleeve-notes, will already know that Thomas’s poetry has been a significant inspiration for them. For those of you who don’t yet know this brilliant multi-instrumental Bristol trio (with a line-up including mandolin, harmonium, bowed psaltery, miniature harp, trumpet, and dulcitone), you are in for a treat.

‘Perfect. A glorious adventure into new folk’ (Cerys Matthews, BBC Radio / Sunday Telegraph)
‘The aroma of muddy leaves and old nettles is almost tangible: a delight’ (Neil Spencer, The Observer)


Tickets available soon via


Edward Thomas is one of our country’s unsung literary heroes, whose work deals with themes that still have huge resonance today such as the encroachment of industry and large scale mechanised agriculture into the natural world and the search for traditional values and national heritage during uncertain times. Whilst many contemporary poets and musicians cite him as an influence, his poetry is little known and his prose even less. In 1917 Edward died tragically during the Great War and there is no better time than the present to reignite an interest in his work.

We are going to ‘Roll For The Soul’ in Bristol

We are super excited to announce that we will be kicking off ‘Pedal Folk V’ at ‘Roll For The Soul‘ in Bristol on Friday October 3rd.


Roll for the Soul is a delightful not-for-profit bike café, workshop and bike shop in the centre of Bristol. Their vision is to become a focal point for cycling in the city, celebrating and supporting every wonderful aspect of our cycling culture and to offer a city centre space where interesting things can happen… Basically, a village hall slap-bang in the middle of Bristol.

Here is what is looks like empty….


We have also been invited back to The Bell in Bath on Sunday 5th October… now just need to find somewhere lovely for Saturday night.

Review from ‘Cotswold Word Centre’ blog

“On Saturday my partner and I wended our way our way down to the Mendips – stopping for a windy walk at Priddy Nine Barrows (and a hearty repaste in the Queen Victoria, a Jamaica Inn of a pub, out in the sticks, with its low beams, inglenooks, cauldrons and cast of local ‘characters’) enroute to the Pedal Folk house concert. Pedal Folk are a trio following in the cycle-tracks of the late great poet Edward Thomas*, who cycled from London to the Quantocks in Spring 1913 – a journey he recorded in exquisite detail in his book, In Pursuit of Spring (a favourite of mine). The dedicated folk-cyclists have been recreating his journey – cycling to each venue with all their kit, averaging 30 odd miles a day, negotiating some serious hills, in all weather.

Tonight they were appearing as guests of a pair of most generous hosts who opened up their splendid house to around 30 or 40 people – providing a magnificent spread of food and drink. Pedal Folk (the talented troubadours Tim Graham and Robin Grey alternating on guitar and guitarlele, and the exquisitely skilled Canadian Chance Kellner on violin) performed two sets blending new songs inspired by Thomas’ ride, with songs associated with the places he passed through or stopped, reels and airs, and the odd contemporary song from Robin. It was all very engaging and the trio had a relaxed bonhomie on ‘stage’ – showing the kind of rapport that comes from sharing a journey together (both physical and creative).

What was played of the Thomas material sounded fantastic and I can’t wait to hear the full album (a demo was available on the night). The show felt like a work-in-progress that will no doubt be fine-tuned and added to over the coming months. What gave the whole endeavour authenticity was the fact these lovely folk were cycling all the way. Such an environmentally-friendly initiative deserves to be applauded. I wish them well on their journey – and hope they enjoy a well-earned rest afterwards!”

Comes from – Thanks Kevan 🙂

A few recordings from a rehearsal

Tim was down in London this weekend and we all got to play together for the first time.

We are working on a track called ‘Leaving London’ which is based on the chapter in ‘In Pursuit Of Spring’ where he is leaving London… Clever song name, hey?

You can hear a little demo of part of it here and a recording we did of John Ball on a cold Sunday morning.


Nearly time to tour

Gosh, it is only a few weeks to go. Tim has made a lovely poster. We are both trying out our new cycling cleats and I am off to Swindon tomorrow for a cheeky rehearsal with Katie. Bring it on.

Please note the change of Bath gig venue. The old place has closed down.

Summer tour small 2